Advanced Relationship Settings

Advanced relationship settings allow for three levels of child record output, or the same child record in different layouts.

*This feature is available in Office File Creator Pro.



Examples of Use

  • Output child records of 3 or more levels.
  • Output a child record detail line of the Opportunity and the total line of the child record.
  • Output different layouts for open and closed statuses for cases related to the Account record.


Required settings

  • OFC_Child Object Option Record Settings
  • Merge Fields Settings



OFC_Child Object Option Record Settings

Open the OFC_Child Object Option record detail page.

When Advanced Relationships are set up, child relationship names are used only to link to the merge field, so even non-existent child relationship names can be set.


Enter the field values in the "(Pro) Advanced Relationship Settings" section.

Normally, child records are retrieved from the child relationship name, but when advanced relationships are set up, child records are retrieved from the entered "Object API Name" and "Master Object Id Field API Name ".

Object API Name: Enter the object API name of the child object. *Not a child relationship name.

Master Object Id Field API Name: Enter the cross-object formula that references the master object Id.


Refer to the following for cross-object formulas.

Use cross-object formulas to display parent/reference object fields in merge fields


Merge Fields Settings

Set the merge field in the template file in the form of {!ChildRelationName.FieldAPI Name}. The child relationship name is set to the child relationship name entered in the OFC_Child Object Option Record.

e.g. {!Products1.ProductName}




Output records of grandchild objects (3 levels) to documents

Output the total amount of child records using the aggregate function in the merge field

Output different layouts for open and closed cases - Advanced Relationship Settings