Block Output of Child Records (Excel)

When Excel outputs child records, output in a multi-line layout per record.

*This feature is available in Office File Creator Pro.



Normally, one line of output is provided for each child record, but block output can be done by block layout with multiple lines of child records in the template file.

Supported File Formats



Examples of Use

  • Output 3 lines per child record.


Required settings

  • Merge Fields Settings



Merge Fields Settings

Set up multiple lines of child record inserts in the template file. The first to last row of the child object merge field becomes one block of child record.


To insert blank lines between blocks of child records, use the Blank() function for the merge field.

Reference: Functions for Merge Fields

e.g. {!OpportunityLineItems.Blank()}



If the cells in the last row are merged, cell merging is not taken into account in determining the last row. Adjust the last row of the block by setting the Blank() function merge fields outside the display range.



Output Sample




  • When outputting blocks, excel functions such as Excel formulas, input rules, and conditional formatting cannot be used. If they are used, they will be misaligned or cause an error in the output.
  • Block output is available only for Excel output. Block output is not available for Word, PowerPoint, or PDF output.




Output Child Records in Block Format Layout