Output by Index Numbers of Child Record

When outputting a child record, output by specifying the index number of the child record. It allows to output the file in any layout, including columnar output.

*This feature is available in Office File Creator Pro.



Examples of Use

  • Output child records column-wise.
  • Fix the rows in the table of child records to 20 rows instead of variable.


Required settings

  • Merge Fields Settings
  • OFC_Template record settings (order specification)



Merge Fields Settings

Sets the index number of the record beginning with 1 at the end of the merge field.


Merge Fields Format

{!Childrelationship Name.Field API Name[Index number]}


e.g. Output the first record of a Opportunity Product



Template File Sample


The index number is a sequential number in the order of output. Refer to Sort Output Order of Child Records for the sort order in the output.




Sort Output Order of Child Records