Set Merge Fields to the File Name

When outputting a file, the merge fields can be set to the file name.



Examples of Use

  • Output Opportunity Name in the file name.


Required settings

  • OFC_Template Record Settings



OFC_Template Record Settings

Open the OFC_Template Record screen and set the merge fields to "Output File Name" in the "File Type" section.


Output File Name: Enter the output file name. Merge fields {! Object API Name. Item API name} can be included in the file name.

e.g. Invoice_{!Opportunity.Name}


It is also possible to set the current date and time for the merge fields. (OFC Ver.2 or later)

e.g. Invoice_{!Opportunity.Name}_{!Today(), yyyyMMdd}


Output example: Excel output with the Opportunity Name "Dickenson Generators" and output date of March 1, 2024

Invoice_Dickenson Generators_20240301.xlsx




Formatting of Date and Date/Time Fields

Outputs Today's Date and Current Time (Today/Now)