Setting File Output Conditions

Sets the output condition of the file according to the record value of the master object.

*This feature is available in Office File Creator Pro.



Examples of Use

  • Prohibit output of invoice file if the "Invoice output date" field is not blank.
  • Output invoice file if status is "Quote sent".
  • Temporarily disable file output due to revision of template file.


Required settings

  • OFC_Template Record Settings



OFC_Template Record Settings

Open the OFC_Template Record screen and enter the "(Pro) Output Condition" section values.


APIOutput Condition Field API Name: Enter the field API name for the output condition.

Output Condition Value: If the output condition field is a checkbox type, select "True" or "False". For other data types, select "Null" or "Not Null".

Error message Not Under Output Condition: Enter the error message displayed to the user when the output condition is not met.


The list values of "Output Condition Value".


The wording and formatting of error messages can be set.


Example: Stop all output during maintenance period

If you do not allow any output, such as during maintenance, you can do so by entering a condition such as "Id is blank", which is not possible as a record value.



During test output, ignore output conditions

During test output, you can ignore output conditions set by checking on the "Ignore output conditions" checkbox. The check box "Ignore output conditions" is displayed when output conditions are set.



Output Sample