1. Install

Install Office File Creator from Appexchange into your Salesforce organization.

Office File Creator is available in paid and free versions. The paid version is available for a 30-day trial.

2. Grant Permissions

Grant permissions related to Office File Creator.

3. Create Template File

Create the template file with merge fields in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

4. Create Template Record

Create OFC_Template Object record. OFC_Template record stores the settings such as the master object used for merging fields, the sorting of child object records, and the template file.

5. Output Options

Various output options.

6. Create Custom Button

Create the custom button on the record detail page for outputting the file.

7. Create Lightning Component Button

Create Lightning component buttons on the Lightning record page.
Create Lightning component buttons on the Experience Cloud site.

8. Migrate resources from sandbox to production

Migrate resources such as custom buttons, OFC_Template records, etc. from the Sandbox to the production environment.

9. Office File Creator Advanced Settings

Office File Creator advanced settings.

10. Operating Environment

This section describes the operating environment of Office File Creator.

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