9. Migrate resources from sandbox to production

Migrate resources such as custom buttons, OFC_Template records, etc. from the Sandbox to the production environment.


9.1. Resources & How to Migrate


Resources Details How to Migrate
Custom Button Custom button created on the target object Change set or migration tool.
Page layout Page layout with the custom button Change set or migration tool.
Permissions Permissions for Office File Creator Manually grant authorizations for custom objects, fields, etc. to profiles.

If you have created a permission set for Office File Creator, grant the permission set to the target user after migrating the permission set with a change set or migration tool.

OFC_Template record OFC_Template record, OFC_Child Object Option record Dataloader.
Attached file Template file uploaded to OFC_Template record Migrate with Dataloader. Or, after creating OFC_Template record in the production environment, upload the file from the OFC_Template record page.

Please refer to Uploading Attachments on the Salesforce official page for how to migrate attachments with Dataloader.

*The free version allows template files to be uploaded only from the OFC_Template record screen.




9.2.  References

Please refer to the official Salesforce help page below for more information on change sets and Dataloader.

・Deploy change sets from sandbox to production