Adding Text to Merge Fields

When outputting to Word, PowerPoint, or PDF, text can be added before and after the merge field.

*This function is a feature of Office File Creator Ver.2.


Examples of Use

  • Output currency fields with a "$" at the beginning.
  • Output numeric fields with "piece" after them, such as "5 pieces".



Merge Fields Settings

Set "character@" or "@character" with the merge field. "@" is the record value of the field.


Merge Fields Format

Add text at the beggining: {!Object API Name.Field API Name, character@}

Add text at the end: {!Object API Name.Field API Name, @character}


e.g. {!Opportunity.Amount, $@}

Output Result ・・・ $1,000


e.g. {!Opportunity.TotalOpportunityQuantity, @ pieces}

Output Result ・・・ 5 pieces




When outputting to Excel, it cannot be formatted the merge field. Format the cells in the template file.